Gourmet Ham Banquet

$30 per head, minimum 12 pax
When catering for larger numbers and looking for a super tasty, impressive yet simple solution, you can’t go wrong with a medley of meats served with a mix of fresh seasonal salads and a selection of freshly baked breads.


Ready to serve and delicious to eat, the Gourmet Ham Banquet is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. I always believe my guests have come to spend time with me, and this banquet offers the perfect way to hang out, have a great time and put on a seriously good feast.


The Gourmet Ham Banquet includes

  • Ham appropximately 200g of glazed champagne ham per person. Please enquire directly with one of the team about alternative protein options.
  • Salads including bacon ceasor and either raw energy (Ve) or apple slaw, plus your choice of one other salad from the huge selection of vegetarian, vegan or gluten free salads.
  • Breads a mix of freshly baked Wild Wheat breads.
  • Condiments tomato chutney, dijonnaise, onion jam, butter.
  • Sweets a selection of sweets for dessert including gluten free options and Xmas mince tarts at Xmas.