Madame Jojos | Corporate Catering
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Breakfast (6 pax min)

Toasted Muesli, poached fruit and Zany Zeus yoghurt $9.50

Ham & Swiss Cheese Croissant $8.50

Bananna, Apple, Walnut Bran Muffin $.4.50

Cheese & Chutney Scone $4.50

Lunch (6 person minimum)

Sandwich Platter $8.50 per person

Pork Belly & Apple Slaw, Beef Ceasar, Ham Swiss Cheese Onion Jam, Chicken Wrap (request for Vegetarian)


Filo Tart

Small $4.50 per person

Large $9.50 per person


$8.50 per person per small serve of salad*

Protein Boxes $14.50 per person

Ham, Pork, Beef, or Chicken Drumstick (inclduing condiements) with a Wild Wheat bread roll, Apple Slaw and your choice of one other salad*

* please call Madame Jojos for Salad options

Afternoon or

Morning Tea platters

$12.50 per person (12 person min)

A selection of cocktail sandwiches

  • Ham, Swiss Cheese, Onion
  • Egg, Dill, Mayonnaise
  • Asparagus Rolls

Cocktail Pork, Fennel & Chilli Sausage Rolls or Mini Tarts

A selection of Sweet Slices (includes GF)


Add fruit platter $3.5 per person